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I am an idea from this Universe,
my purpose is to simplify things in order to understand.

I have many important questions to raise, and I must get the simplest answers,
about the meanings of good and evil, strength and weakness, life and death,
about myself, my soal, my God and everything in this Universe,
through the laws of this Universe.

We will discuss the details of the Doom's day, the afterlife and the paradise in their real sense.
Therefore, we will think together in order to get the pure rational knowledge.

Then, you will get to know your real self.

The Freethought Scriptures 1.0

After we have tasted the happiness and the suffering alike, what lies ahead?
We are still surviving, despite the harsh living taxes, who should we blame?
Yet, people are dying, so what are we waiting for?
The Human race has too much problems.

  • Are we losing hope?
  • Is this the catastrophic reality of human beings?
  • Can't we change our fate?
  • Can't we change the world?
  • Are we born to be slaves?
  • Are we born to be tools?
  • So why are we still hiding behind our fears?

We waste a lot of time searching for problems, while at the same time, we are afraid of solutions, but the knowledge is between our hands.

Let's Think together

We will think, together, and we will discover, step by step, the secrets behind our mysterious world, then we will gradually evolve with our knowledge and our wisdom. Humans' ignorance makes them very responsive to negative circumstances, and this do create the deadliest species out of them.

As we can see this all around our world, it is our duty, as different humans, to free our minds, from the negative thoughts that are the wastes of our world, that do really drag us backwards.
And as we have logical minds, it is our duty, as wise humans, to learn from our mistakes, from other people's mistakes and the mistakes of our complete history. Our world is growing, because our knowledge is growing.

It is time to rethink, in order to analyze the ambiguities of our lives and our world. We have to understand our roots and solve the human mind mysteries that we were unable to understand in thousands of years, then we will find solutions for our lives, our community and our big world, and we can change our whole destiny.

Let's begin our journey

We have to start a very important journey, beyond the limits of our world, but deep throught the secrets of our minds.

Think more of everything around you, of everything you may know, look around you then further to the horizon and the sky...
Can you even imagine what is there beyond the small stars that are closest to us?

Are you aware of who you are, where you are and what time you exist with respect to this Universe?

In fact, we are human beings, who are still struggling with ourself and our nature, since thousands but millions of years, to build our empires, in the heavens of a respectively big planet named "the Earth", that was born in the vast cosmos, billions of years before our existence.
This home planet Earth is negligible in size, comparable to the infinite Space, and it's age is like a millisecond of time, comparable to the unlimited age of the universe.
Yet, at the same time, our earth is important, and we, as creatures of this planet Earth, are very important and unique beings, for a straightforward reason: Human beings, have given a great wisdom to our world, to the planet Earth and beyond...

This universe that we came from, and through It we were able to evolve and tame the planet, has given us it's recent greatest gift in the world, through it, we can handle the true scientific knowledge, we can solve our problems, change ourselves and our communities for the better and move forward to the next level of humanity, if we really want to.

It is the gift of mind - the evolution of senses, emotions, imagination, memory and logic - which gave us the ability to understand, to change and evolve ourselves and our world, but we have not been able yet to understand, change and evolve ourselves, or even to solve our trivial problems that are caused by human stupidity, not because we can not, but because we are ignoring this precious gift and we are afraid to change, we are afraid of the truth, and we are afraid to think more, because of our fear of illusions and the past mistakes, the same past that you still glorify, or cry for it's losses.

What is our Destination?

In order to understand our importance, we have to understand our roots, our responsibilities, our achievements and our destinations. Our minds have evolved to become the active gates between us and our world

There are a lot of mysteries in our lives and our world that we want to understand. And the relative truth is that every thing exists, change and evolve, or even die, by clear reasons. And certainly, everything happens according to the laws of the Universe and its exceptions as well.

So let us gather the most logical scientific thoughts in a clear and free book of knowledge, explicitly without mysteries, without lies and illusions, so that we create a culture that is a real peace and understanding of the human kind, in order to get out of the long-lost human pits, and eventually create a more beautiful and more powerful future, than our past that is lost in the dark pages of history.

This is not a new era of a new religion and not the end or conclusion of religions, but the beginning of the human understanding of science and religion.

As Albert Einstein said: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."